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As the cost of electricity, oil and gas continues to rise, it is becoming more cost-effective to install renewable energy devices at your business. Commonly installed local options include geothermal for heating and cooling, solar panels on roofs and carports, and wind turbines. With net metering you can even get paid by Idaho Power for the electricity you generate. Use the links below to explore various local options and their associated costs and benefits.

Success Story - Don Aslett's Museum of Clean will be the most energy & water efficient building in Pocatello when completed.
Local Regulations - Idaho Energy Efficiency Code requirements, Pocatello Wind Ordinance, and more.
Rebates & Incentives - Use your zip code to find out about special offers or rebates on qualified products in your area.
Business Tools & Resources - Learn more about the costs and benefits of using renewable energy sources at your business.
Solar Energy Calculator - Obtain performance estimates for Pocatello grid-connected solar electric systems.






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