Idaho Bicycling Rules
City Recycling Dos and Don'ts
Pocatello Wind Turbine Code
Idaho Solar Easement Code

Renewable Energy in the News

The City of Pocatello has recently updated some of its regulations to make it easier for local residents to conserve energy, water and other resources. Use the links below to learn more about existing regulations for energy production, recycling, gray water, and more.

Gray Water Rules - Gray water use is permitted in Pocatello, under the Uniform Plumbing Code guidelines & the International Plumbing Code.
Backflow Prevention Device Requirements
Water & Sewer Rates
Hazardous Materials - It is illegal to place hazardous materials into your trash bin or to dispose of them onto the ground.
Yard Waste - It is illegal to deposit grass clippings, dirt, solid waste from private property onto or into any part of the public right of way.
Recycling - Recycling is not required. However, beginning April 2011 all City residents will pay for curbside recycling.
Pocatello Wind Regulations
Idaho Solar Easement Code
Energy Efficiency Regulations - Pocatello has adopted the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code.
Net Metering
Pedestrian Rules - Pedestrians are allowed on roadways when no sidewalk or shoulder is present.
Sidewalk Requirements - Property owners are responsible parties for sidewalk construction, repair, and all weather safe passage.
Bicycle Rules - Learn about Idaho rules for stopping at stop lights & stop signs; riding on sidewalks, and other important biking rules.
Bicycle Parking - Municipal Code 17.05.560 requires new parking lots with 20 or more spaces to have at least five bicycle spaces.
City Fleet - Learn more about the considerations made to fuel economy and type when purchasing City vehicles.






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