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Use the links below for resources on ways to save gas money - and improve local air quality, your health and more! Keep your car - but use it a little bit less by walking and biking for short (1/2 mile trips) when possible. Find out where you can get to locally and regionally by bus.

Rebates & Incentives - Use your zip code to find out about special offers or rebates on qualified products in your area.
Bike & Foot - Learn about the bike to work program, Portneuf Greenway trails, walkability of your neighborhood, and more.
Bus & Rail - Find out more about local bus & carpool options as well as regional bus air, & rail options to get you where you need to go..
Fuel Saving Tips - Tips from the EERE the U.S. government's official source for fuel economy information.
Idle-Free Campaign - Clean Air Zone Idaho is a statewide program aimed at reducing children's exposure to exhaust.
School Zone Safety - Improving walking and biking routes to school improves the livability of Pocatello. Learn about what is being done.
Local Regulations - Rules for cyclists, sidewalk and bicycle facility requirements for new development etc.






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