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In Pocatello, School District 25 is one of the biggest water users. This water use is a major expense for each school and the district as a whole. Click on the links below to learn ways for your school to reduce its water use, prevent pollution, and save money.

Success Story: Pocatello Community Charter School - Learn more about how PCCS is using renewable energy to teach & save.
Water Savings Calculator - How to understand how much water you use is the first step to conserving our most precious resource.
Rebates & Incentives - Use your zip code to find out about special offers or rebates on qualified products in your area.
WaterSense - The EPA's program to learn about products and other resources that will help you save water and money.
Water Saving Tips – Outdoors - 10 ways to curb your water use while still maintaining a green and vibrant landscape.
Water Saving Tips – Indoors - 10 ways to help you start saving water indoors today. A few water-saving measures can save a lot.
Pollution Prevention - Learn more about what you can do to reduce storm water pollution into the Portneuf River..
Lower Portneuf Valley Aquifer - coming soon! Learn about the source of our drinking water and how you can help protect it.
For Kids & Teachers - The future of our water resources depends on today's children understanding the importance of water conservation.






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