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How wisely do you use water? Understanding where and how much water we use is the first step to conserving one of our most precious resources. The water we use to drink and water our lawns in Pocatello comes primarily from the snow that falls in the Scout Mountain area. Water bills reflect the cost of keeping this water clean, pumping it out of the ground, and delivering it to homes and businesses. Click on the links below to learn how to reduce your water bill and conserve this precious resource.

Water Savings Calculator - How to understand how much water you use is the first step to conserving our most precious resource.
Rebates & Incentives - Use your zip code to find out about special offers or rebates on qualified products in your area.
WaterSense - The EPA's program to learn about products and other resources that will help you save water and money.
Water Saving Tips – Outdoors - 10 ways to curb your water use while still maintaining a green and vibrant landscape.
Water Saving Tips – Indoors - 10 ways to help you start saving water indoors today. A few water-saving measures can save a lot.
Pollution Prevention - Learn more about what you can do to reduce storm water pollution into the Portneuf River..
Lower Portneuf Valley Aquifer - coming soon! Learn about the source of our drinking water and how you can help protect it.






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